SEO ResultsRecently I have come to the realization that a good majority of the public has no idea, the cost or value of a highly skilled professional SEO.  The downside of being a highly effective SEO is that…well…your are highly effective.  This sounds ridiculous right?  Well, unfortunately it is a scenario that skilled SEO professionals know all to well.  Let me explain a bit further….

This phenomenon typically happens when a client, who has never had any experience working with a web agency before ends up getting lucky.  What do I mean by “lucky”?  Well, to those of you that have been through the ringer with big promises, but low results web agencies and have literally thrown away ten’s of thousands….sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on non-performing agencies…they know all too well how rare it is to find a highly effective agency, that is not only effective, but great to work with.  This is what I mean when I say “lucky” enough to find the first time.

Our very best clients…… are those that have had experience dealing with other agencies….these clients can truly appreciate the experience they receive with our Northern Virginia SEO agency.  They have spent years and thousands of dollars with low quality agencies that they literally grow to hate.  When they see results we bring….and results fast…they are ecstatic.  Now, yes, these are clients that are paying my agency to perform this work and we should be bringing these results.  We never over promise when we initially meet with clients, but we do assure them they are in good hands.  So we are just holding up our end of the bargain by bringing good results, but by bringing amazing results…and fast, we are actually surpassing expectations.  In my humble opinion, as well as years of industry exposure, it is highly rare to work with an agency of our effectiveness. I know this after spending my entire career working in the internet industry in one form or another.

So what I am getting at is, we are not owed any special thanks for delivering on commitments, but I have to say, from a professional, and somewhat personal perspective, when a client displays true appreciation from our efforts….it feels great.  We are passionate about what we do, and we know our results are highly unusual.

NOW…..let me explain the title of my posting “How bringing amazing SEO Results can be a problem”   When a client somehow stumbles upon a highly skilled SEO the very first time they ever have looked around for one and amazing results happen…and happen quick…..this set’s an unrealistic expectation for this client, which can ultimately be their downfall.  They feel that these types of results are typical, they wonder to themselves “All the hoopla about SEO being a very advanced skill, ect… must be a bit dramatic”  “I am already on page 1 of all the major search engines”  “I might even be able to do this”….there are many other inaccurate thought processes that can happen, but the bottom line is….they think that the results they are receiving can be achieved by anyone…even themselves if they just post enough stuff all over the internet.  So what happens?  The client goes to another agency for whatever reason..price…or they think by posting content they will rank high.  Then what happens?  They start dropping in the search engines….website traffic drops….so they call their new agency and ask them what is going on??? They tell their new agency that before they were on page one, and quick!  Their current agency tells them “Just be patient…everybody knows it takes 6 months to a year to start seeing results”  So, 6 months goes by and…nothing…  12 months go by and “Oh wow”…look…page two for a couple keywords….  What’s happening is, the new process of finding someone good again….years may go by….thousands and thousands of dollars spent….then they resort to paid advertisement….which brings minimal results and must be paid constantly….then maybe they give up on the web all together….maybe they even go out of business due to their competitors aggressive and highly expensive SEO campaign….  They then reflect back and everything becomes clear….


I liken it to the professional athlete….they make winning the super bowl, or hitting a home run look so easy….but let’s take a look at what percentage of the public that get’s involved in sports from an early age actually goes pro….the odd’s and percentages are extraordinarily  low.

Anyhow, I have discussed this with other colleagues of mine in the digital marketing industry and this is unfortunately a common pattern.  We will continue to bring our clients amazing results whether appreciation is shown or not.  It is our job.

Talk again soon!

Peter S. Gerardi | Chief Web Strategist | Webby Nabler

Amazing SEO Results Can Be A Problem

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