If you Want Significant ROI – Make A Real Investment

It continues to amaze that me that in todayInternet Marketing ROIs web services climate, there are business owners that still think they can get highly effective SEO without a real investment.  Currently my agency is averaging a 400% ROI, we have a 100% success rate, are highly professional, have the most advanced proprietary analytics systems in the market, continually invest in technology to give our clients a competitive advantage and offer services at a price point that no other agency can match.  Yet still when we tell certain business owners what our monthly fee’s are they act like we charge a huge amount.  The problem is….the problem is that many business owners are still in the mindset that web services are cheap and they can spend $1500 a month and get amazing results.  We only provide proposals to and are willing to work with businesses we are already HIGHLY confident in bringing significant ROI.

If our monthly fee’s on a particular deal are say $10,000 a month, a business owner who does not truly understand what it takes to bring amazing results may think that is very expensive.  See, if I am even talking to a potential client, then I am already very confident that I will hit at least…at the VERY LEAST a 200% ROI and we have seen over 500% many times.  That means that we are paid $10,000 for services monthly and in return hand the business owner $20,000 – $50,000 a month.  Believe me, we have the actual data to back these claims up.   However, I keep seeing business owners erroneously perceiving significant risk.  WE HAVE A 100% SUCCESS RATE(umm…hello? uhh…hello?…100% success rate!)

As the search engines continue their roll out of more complex algorithm updates, the pool of agencies that can bring results like we bring are narrow to non-existent.  Google is on an aggressive mission to eliminate all low quality SEO tactics, but if a business is lucky enough to have an effective Organic SEO strategy….they are going to cleanup!

Being on the inside of the SEO industry, I know that the MINIMUM amount of time for a talented SEO agency to bring results is 40 hours of work a month.  The current “real” hourly market rate for an SEO professional with the level of skill required to bring high impact results is $320 per hour.  Our current hourly rate is $225 and we include Reputation Management Services, Advanced Web Analytics, Phone Analytics, Form Submission Analytics, Premium Fully Redundant Hosting, Dedicated IP’s Addresses, Monthly ROI Meetings, Enterprise Class Microsoft Exchange Email, DDoS Mitigation, Datacenter locations in the most premier facilities in the country, SSL Secured Sites, Professional SEO Copy Writing Services, Daily Rankings Reports, Client Portals and much more.

So when a potential client is resistant to our monthly fee’s….we walk away shaking our heads and on to a business owner who has done enough research to understand what we really do and the modern day gold rush we bring!

Real ROI Requires A “Real” Investment